Surfing: the Best Water Sports

There are so many different water sports to try out that you might not get to them all. We are talking sports that could be in the water, on the water, or even under water. Here are just a few of the water sports that you can do in our best water sports lessons.

On the Water

For those that do not want to get in, you might try boating. Getting sailing lessons is a really fun time and you can really enjoy the day out on the water. In a boat, you might also bring your fishing rod and relax with some cold ones while catching fish. Just make sure that you do not mix up the drink cooler with the fish cooler. Other vehicles on the water include the incredibly fun, motorized jet skis or even the hand moved kayaks, canoes, and other rowing boats. On top of the water, you can also do various surfing activities, which can include your normal surfing, kneeboarding, body boarding, stand up paddle boarding, and more. You can also do some surf-like activities pulled by a boat, like water skiing and wakeboarding. All of these fun activities are great ways to enjoy a hot summer day and get some energy out.

Summer camp can be a great place where you get to experience these sports for the first time. I learned to sail in camp, I learned to water ski in camp, I failed at wakeboarding at camp, and many more, including banana boating with my buddies like LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union.

In the Water

Most of the stuff that takes place in the water involves simple swimming. We all know that the most decorated swimmer in the history of the planet is Michael Phelps, who holds the record for most gold medals at the Olympics. He is known for doing lots of different events including the lap swimming individual challenges and the team relay races, where he is often the anchor and a clear winner.

Another sport that includes water is the triathlon, which spends one third of the time in the water. The point of the event is endurance, so you are going to swim a long distance as one of the three legs of the race, the other two being biking and running.

A sport that takes place in the water is water polo, where touching the bottom of the pool is expressly forbidden. Players toss a ball to each other and try to throw it in the opposing net, all while maintaining a strong paddle with their feet. Water sports training can help you stay afloat.

Under Water

Most people think of diving in terms of jumping off of the diving board into a pool, but that falls into the in the water category. This type of diving is the kind where you need a device to help you breathe because you are going to be down there for a while. Water sports tutors can help you with the equipment side and you can go under water to swim with the fishes and see what life is like down there.